Slope Field Generator

How to Make a Slope Field

Create your own slope fields and download them as images. Just type the differential equation into the box, set the window and click the button!

How to Customize the Slope Field image

You can customize different ways that the slope field calculator works.
  • Check or uncheck the 'show equation' box to either display or not display the equation on the final slope field image.
  • Add a particular graph to the image by clicking 'graph a particular solution' and typing an equation into the text box.

How to Create a Euler Table

1) Click on 'euler table'
2) You can find a solution using Euler's method by inputting the step size (version 1) or by inputting the number of equal steps (version 2). Euler's method calculations are done with the differential equation entered in the slope field section(dy/dx) .

X Min
X Max
Y Min
Y Max
Size of Image

Field Density
Euler Table ?

Show Equation?
Graph Color
Background Color
Graph a Particular Solution
Initial Point: delta x: End X Value:
Euler Graph Color
Initial Point: Number of steps End X
Euler Graph Color
Make Slope Field

Copy and paste the html code below into any web page to include the slope field image that you made.